Robbert Boeijink

Robbert combines his commercial background with a journalistic mindset. After finishing his bachelor Commercial Economy at the Saxion in Enschede in 2013, he started as a marketresearcher and copywriter. That didn’t keep him from starting a master’s degree in Communication Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen though. He specialised in Media, Journalism and News and created a passion for journalism. That’s how he ended up as an intern in the editorial office of newspaper de Gelderlander, where he developed and perfected his writing skills.

As a copywriter at ContentXpereience, Robbert is fully committed to the complex matters of clients. The more difficult, the better. Robbert has a Cambridge English Proviciency (C2) qualification, which means he masters the English language on the highest level.

Working days: mo, tu, we, th, fr


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