Explanimation Eternus Storage

How to make an explanimation about storage products without creating a boring video full of facts and features? That was the question of Fujitsu. The company wanted a explanimation about their Eternus Storage Solutions, but with a creative and original approach.

From brainstorming to completion
Along with the Fujitsu marketing team we discussed the storage products and we came up with a story line in which the unique selling points of these products were well reflected. Soon we arrived at an equation that not everyone would immediately think of when it comes to storage solutions, namely race cars. We were able to process many leading storage features at the racetrack.

Formation of the explanimation
With all input and creative ideas, we went to work. The work carried out by the team of ContentXperience included:

  • Copywriting script and voiceover text
  • Storyboard design
  • Editing of the final explanimation
  • Banners, headers and landing page text for the promotion of the video

Watch the video below.


Storyboard1 Storyboard2


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