MarketingXperience IBM Update

The IBM unit of IT distributor Tech Data Azlan regularly uses various services of the MarketingXperience concept. Ranging from the editing of their monthly newsletter – the Azlan IBM Update – to the creation of texts and designing brochures and flyers. In addition, long-term campaigns, such as Why Storwize and the Cool Winter Action are conducted through the MarketingXperience concept of ContentXperience.

Quality, efficiency and load balancing are important priorities in the communication of Tech Data Azlan. By laying down this responsibilities and tasks at ContentXperience, Tech Data Azlan always has one central point on which they can rely.

“We particularly appreciate the flexibility and pragmatic approach. That’s why cases are picked up quickly and why we can book results through cooperation.”

Jochem Vreeke, Business Unit Manager, Azlan (part of Tech Data)

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