Inbound Marketing methodology

Attracting visitors 
A buyer persona helps when creating worthwhile content that answers questions that arise during various stages of the purchasing process.

Converting to leads
By offering relevant content, you try to ensure that a visitor’s data is retained, resulting in a qualitative lead. 

Closing the deal
Support sales when closing the deal by setting up processes that meet the goals and challenges of your prospective customer.

The customer as your brand’s ambassador
The ultimate goal is a long-term relationship with a customer who is not only happy with your product, but is also an ambassador for your company.

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Inbound Marketing in practice

We listen to the needs of our customers, think about their inbound marketing strategy and advise them on which content marketing campaigns they have to use at specific moments. This results in effective and creative projects that our team realises – together with the customer. See some examples of companies that we support in their inbound marketing.

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Customer in the centre

With buyer persona's

Understand the needs of your customer through the use of a strong buyer persona. Use the free template “How to create buyer personas”.

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