The basic elements of strategic marketing

“Sales is today’s cash flow. Marketing is tomorrow’s cash flow.” It is one of the simplest, but also clear definitions of marketing and sales. A description that clearly illustrates the different interests between the two departments. As a marketer you are mainly concerned with realizing the turnover and return of tomorrow, sales mainly focus on direct results.

Suppose you have enough time to realize both the cash flow of tomorrow and your targets. How do you do this best? Marketing in itself is not enough. It must be marketing that contributes to tomorrow and every day that follows. Strategic marketing. But which elements make marketing sustainable? In this blog we immerse you in the concept of ‘strategic marketing’: what it is and how to apply it.

What is it? Is it something? It’s something!

Marketing is sustainable (in our view) if you can tick off the following checklist:

  • Campaigns are measured identically and learn from each other;
  • Your organization is continuously visible in the market;
  • You work with multiple campaigns at the same time, whereby sales and branding goals are also realized;
  • The buyer persona research is an ongoing process;
  • Within three years you will develop at least five campaigns, of which at least two are active in the market.

Apply it! But how?

Three elements are of great importance to further execute strategic marketing:

Campaign course

Make sure that the starting points of the campaigns are correct. Needs of target groups develop faster than desired, as a result of which supply and demand fluctuate constantly. The marketing of products and services requires continuous tightening of these frictions in the market. Exercise structural control, so that you guarantee your campaign course.

Buyer persona plan

You don’t execute a buyer persona survey every three years; it is an integral part of your annual plan. Test three times a year whether it is still true what you are aiming for with marketing and keep a structural finger on the pulse. Are the needs of the target group still being met?

The power of unity

For larger organizations in particular it takes time to carry a campaign internally. A campaign has many people involved who all have to do something to activate the campaign. However, it is important that your organization is able to run multiple campaigns at the same time. It gives flexibility to play with the use of your campaigns and budgets. But also the opportunity to learn and improve on the job.

Are you ready now? No. You are learning by doing, making mistakes and learning from them. A much more sustainable process, in which we would like to join you.

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