Eloqua, marketing automation from Oracle

The rise of HubSpot has pushed Eloqua to the background for a while, but the takeover by Oracle resulted in a comeback. Since 2014 Eloqua is again one of the biggest marketing automation platforms, offering B2B-marketing professionals a robust network of more than 500 partners, who represent more than 700 integrations. This enables users to adjust existing company applications to the desired marketing automation, for scalability and expansion.

Eloqua’s strengths

New leads will appear on your radar at a personal level. This makes a personal follow-up possible and enables you to know exactly when potential customers are ‘ready for sales’. With the Act-On marketing automation software you can create the following components:

  • There are virtually no restrictions for users. If a functionality is not standard available, there’s a good chance that a third party can integrate it.
  • The interface of the workflow engine may seem complicated, but it’s very easy to learn how to use it.
  • Eloqua’s ‘drag & drop’ workflow engine has many functionalities. More than HubSpot for example.
  • It’s easy to create landing pages. There are plenty of ready-made templates that you can customize.
  • Eloqua has countless segmentation options and multiple lead scoring models.
  • You can analyze the behavior of your leads at a glance thanks to website analytics and social media monitoring.
  • Eloqua supports multi-language organizations. You can tag and report your URL per country.

ContentXperience and Eloqua

ContentXperience is partner of Oracle and has successfully deployed Eloqua marketing automation software for various customers.

More information about marketing automation?

Do you want to know more about marketing automation or do you find it difficult to choose the right platform? Please contact us. Our inbound marketing experts have experience with various automation tools, with which they work for various customers on a daily basis. We are happy to provide independent advice and find a tool that fits your objectives, current marketing situation and budget best.


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