We are ContentXperience

Copywriters, (inbound) marketers, web designers, graphic designers, video and animation specialists; we all work together in our offices in Arnhem (The Netherlands). We also carry out assignments and campaigns from start to finish: from brainstorming and strategic planning to the delivery of complete websites, videos, white papers and other content forms. Consistent and crystal clear.

Our corporate culture

Creative, fun and down-to-earth, that is ContentXperience in a nutshell. What does our average day at the Velperweg in Arnhem look like? We start every day with a joint day start, so that we are all aware of what everyone is working on. We will also close off the month together with a presentation in which everyone shows a recent project that they are proud of.

In any case, there is plenty of contact between the different departments: copywriters regularly sit down with designers and video makers to discuss a script together. Meanwhile, sales listen in with the campaign managers to hear where new opportunities lie. In this way we help each other to grow: personally, professionally and as an organisation.

The atmosphere in the office is usually business-like, but informal (and vice versa). We value good, personal contact: with each other, but also with customers. We like to build long-term relationships, with the space to give each other good feedback.

But of course the bow cannot always be tense. Creativity also often starts flowing after you tear yourself away from your computer. That is why we also have a nice selection of board games in the meeting room, we have lunch outside in the sun as soon as possible, and the lunch walk is a tradition that is fully honored. If possible, we plan a team activity. In the meantime, we go over the football game from the previous evening, or we make a lot of silly jokes.

But no matter how our creativity gets going, the most important thing is that we give each other so much energy. We can then use that energy for our customers.

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