We are ContentXperience

Copywriters, (inbound) marketers, web designers, graphic designers, video and animation specialists; we all work together in our offices in Arnhem (The Netherlands). We also carry out assignments and campaigns from start to finish: from brainstorming and strategic planning to the delivery of complete websites, videos, white papers and other content forms. Consistent and crystal clear.

Our corporate culture

Creative, sociable and realistic, that’s ContentXperience in a nutshell. What does an average day at the Velperweg in Arnhem look like? The first person to arrive usually starts by making coffee. Especially in the morning, there can never be too much coffee. A quick game of table football (played rather brilliantly, of course) helps the gentlemen clear their minds from all the intensive graphic work. In between their planning, writing and marketing tasks, the ladies keep the coffee machine working at a fever pitch.

We have our lunch together, and the appearance of even one small ray of sunshine has us longing to eat outside. The most creative ideas – and puns – seem to be effortlessly thought up by all of us, while we’re enjoying a sandwich. We’ll occasionally enjoy a beer on Friday afternoon, at the end of busy and creative week. Or a cool soft drink, if the sun is shining and the outside air is beckoning.

Outsource your marketing

Whitepaper: nine reasons to outsource your marketing

Various and different tasks are now being outsourced to external parties (think about your payroll administration or your ICT management). But have you ever considered outsourcing your marketing activities? This white paper will offer you nine good reasons to let your marketing activities be carried out by an external communications agency.

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