Pardot, marketing automation from Salesforce

Pardot is a complete and user-friendly Salesforce tool for B2B marketing automation. Since 2014 Pardot has been part of Salesforce and it therefore has a strong CRM. Pardot’s customer portfolio largely consists of medium-sized and large B2B organizations.

With Pardot it’s easy to get started with the marketing automation basics, such as e-mail marketing and lead management. More advanced techniques and insights, like web forms, lead nurturing and the ROI of your marketing efforts are slightly more technical.

What does Salesforce Pardot have to offer?

Generate high-quality leads – Pardot offers user-friendly tools to generate leads, for a constant supply of high-quality leads to the sales pipeline.

Accelerate the sales pipeline – Speed up the pipeline and go for lead nurturing and lead qualification. Salespeople can respond adequately to prospects by assigning leads automatically, making real-time sales reports and tracking prospects’ activities.

Create personalized, targeted e-mails – Take full advantage of everything you do online by using Pardot’s powerful email marketing tools. Optimize delivery results, send e-mails to a specific target group and measure the effectiveness of e-mail content.

Calculate the marketing ROI – Discover the actual ROI of your marketing campaigns thanks to closed-loop reporting. Get insight into the success of campaigns, the status of your sales funnel and more.

ContentXperience and Pardot

As a certified Salesforce Pardot Consulting Partner, ContentXperience offers you the following benefits:

  • All marketing and sales tools clearly arranged within one environment
  • Simple set-up and implementation of (inbound) marketing campaigns
  • Fully automated content marketing process
  • Integrated e-mail marketing
  • Streamlined lead generation and management
  • Clear reports of activities

As a partner and reseller of Salesforce Pardot, ContentXperience has successfully deployed the marketing automation solutions in various customer campaigns. Because ContentXperience has certified in-house Pardot specialists, we can support our clients extensively during the implementation process.

Marketing Made Easy

Salesforce and ContentXperience regularly organize joint events under the name Marketing Made Easy. For more information, take a look at

Pardot in de CX Academy

During CX Academy’s Pardot training we help you get started with the marketing automation software from Salesforce Pardot. This training focuses on the principles of inbound marketing and how Pardot can automate these. Meer information..

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