Four reasons why IKUU Pages helps you realise an optimal web presence

IKUU Pages is a smart new website solution. Of course, it provides you with attractive web pages that meet all technical standards, but there’s more. IKUU Pages is also standard equipped with both marketing automation and an advanced data platform. This package is a proven effective method to have your website generate more conversion and leads in a short time. This combination also gives you a complete insight in your leads and data.

Developments in website technology are taking place at high speed. Sites also have to meet increasingly higher demands for their security and speed. Meanwhile, most websites are built in popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Drupal. However, the way these systems are built, leaves them with certain technological limits. This means they won’t be able to meet all the demands of the contemporary internet age.

Super fast websites based on four pillars

The current standard in website world: distributed sites that are managed with a ‘headless CMS’. Simply put, these websites or web apps are built with four principles in mind:

  1. This site or app doesn’t just run on one server, but on multiple. To be exact: 21 servers. Their locations are spread over the world. Someone who visits the site or uses the application, always will be lead to the server on the closest location. This results in a high speed performance.
  2. The code contains all functionalities that are needed for the website, which means the live environment isn’t linked with the back end. This has a positive effect on the performance speed, but also on the security. It means your website can’t be hacked or modified by an outside party. In addition, not all plug-ins are used. This makes maintenance easier, but most of all: it prevents security issues.
  3. Easy to use. You can easily edit the contents yourself. A huge perk is that you’ll only have to upload your materials once. IKUU automatically decides and optimises images for any device. This process happens on a fast tempo and results in the highest image quality possible.
  4. The front end – thus the way your website presents itself to visitors – is disconnected from the back end. This makes it more convenient to adjust the look and feel of your website. Maintenance becomes easier as well.

IKUU has brought together all the technical components you need and conveniently packaged it. This helps you to build distinctive, unique websites, without experiencing technical issues or unpleasant surprises. You can immediately work with your content.

Want to know more about how IKUU can provide you with powerful web development, marketing automation and analytics? Then visit, or feel free to mail to, or ask your contact person at ContentXperience. 

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