The value of content

Content becomes valuable as a result of a well-executed target group analysis. By asking the right questions to the right people. By translating the answers into a captivating story and a functional buyer’s journey (sales journey). The content flow must be set up so that the right target groups are reached, that they become involved and are valuable for your colleagues in the sales department.

Achieving the result is therefore important. That is why we make use of our own benchmark tool and every day we improve our own Customer Data Platform. To better analyse and improve the results. This enables us to be honest and transparent. We do what we promise and report our activities as transparently as possible. To continuously improve. Ourselves, our contents and our campaigns. In doing so, we make the lives of our customers more enjoyable and more successful, by cooperating with them to proactively achieve better campaign results and create valuable content.

Our vision

We see that B2B marketing is changing. Creativity occurs increasingly hand in hand with transparency and measurability. Customer requirements change rapidly and measurable marketing results are increasingly important. Just like the optimization of marketing campaigns. The creative teamwork between the customer and the marketing agency will only serve to strengthen the result.

More often we see stand-alone campaigns being replaced by annual programmes. This allows constructive activities to take place on several campaigns at the same time, resulting in ‘always on’ visibility in the market, with an appropriate budget. It makes us strong. With creative and involved marketers, copywriters, designers, videographers, developers and analysts. And this together with our customers. That is ContentXperience.

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