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PST Business Services provides business and IT solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. Their three focus areas – Disaster Recovery, Monitoring and Managed Services – could be positioned further and could get more attention. Thanks to the MarketingXperience concept PST was able to start with the Content Marketing Platform, which consists of Inbound Marketing tactics and a Marketing Automation solution.

Since the spring of 2015 ContentXperience developed in collaboration with PST three campaigns. For each focus area we published a summary page. On these web pages we have collected all existing content, new blogs and interesting downloads. In addition, ContentXperience provides monthly reports on the prospects and page performance.

MarketingXperience support

PST Business Services provides business and IT solutions to a broad spectrum of clients aimed at both the corporate and non-profit market. Since 2011, after the name change from PST Business Solutions to PST Business Services, the organization uses our MarketingXperience services. What started with the renovation of the corporate identity and content for the website, has led to structural marketing and communication support.

Currently ContentXperience takes care of the newsletter, content creation and design, creates PST’s motion graphics and video testimonials and also regulates the inbound marketing campaigns for this company from Tiel in The Netherlands.

“Thanks to MarketingXperience we are working structurally on your mailings, websites, digital brochures, motion graphics, press releases and whitepapers.”

Olaf van Dam, General Manager PST Business Services

Video testimonial Mitsubishi Motors

IT reseller PST Business Services offers various solutions for a broad spectrum of clients. Many of these clients love to tell you about their cooperation with PST and about their experiences with their products and services. This happens both in written reference cases as in video testimonials. ContentXperience films the interviews with the companies involved and we edit the footage in an original reference video of about five minutes.

Are you interested in video testimonials and reference cases? Watch for example this reference case about Mitsubishi Motors Netherlands. The video testimonials are added to the PST YouTube channel and on their own video page.

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