Motion Graphic Conneqtor

Clear IT Consulting, long-term partner in IBM custom projects, wanted (potential) customers to get acquainted with its new relationship and communication portal: Conneqtor. ContentXperience produced a motion graphic, which quickly presents a powerful picture of this new solution.

Every day we exchange a lot of business information: reports, quotations, invoices and files. That’s why it is possible that you lose the overview in all those dates, because we can only have a limited amount of information. To get communications back to transparent, Clear IT Consulting developed Conneqtor. With Conneqtor information flows are easy to see and safe to exchange.

Clear IT Consulting was looking for a fast way to get people in contact with Conneqtor. ContentXperience developed an English-spoken motion graphic, also for the international market. With this motion graphic people get, in just over one minute, a concrete overview of the product.

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