Strategic brand thinking

You can see what a brand makes in the figure on the right. The most important thing is the identity of the organization and of the brand, translated into brand personality, brand appearance and propositions. The aim is to be consistently visible and to conduct constructive content campaigns that lead to the desired results.

It looks like this schematically.

Identity of an organization

What is the belief of an organization? And what is the organizational vision for the future? Correctly describing a mission and vision motivates new customers. Building or redefining a brand gives meaning to an organization. The question is whether the brand meets the contemporary values that live in society. What is the mission, the vision and what are the organizational values with which a total distinctiveness is defined?


The mission
A good mission is an important first step. And often a mission is still far from concrete. Nor is it necessarily intended that missions are concrete. Other values are much better at that. However, it is important that the question must be answered whether a company with this mission is of value to target groups? But also whether colleagues recognize themselves in the formulated mission.


The vision
The vision describes a future perspective. That’s a definition that potential customers can agree with. What they can support. A good vision can be an enormous incentive to choose for products or services. It is also important that what an organization writes can also be fulfilled. Just saying that you are sustainable is not exciting. It can still be a quest to describe a vision that meets contemporary values and can be proven to be realized.


The core values
The vision forms a bridge to the core values. What characterizes the organization and with which cornerstones a distinctive character is created. If all goes well, the core values confirm the described vision and colleagues and customers recognize the organization in these characteristics.

Identity of a brand

The identity of a brand is formed by working out the personality and appearance of a brand.


The personality of a brand is created by using the basic principles of the organization to further develop ambitions and distinctiveness. The brand personality provides a translation of the organizational values. You can consider the corporate story as the final value of this phase. In this story everything comes together and the basis of the brand is formulated.


Subsequently, the textual description of the brand is translated into color, images, tone, sound, font, music, et cetera. We must be able to substantiate the appearance and confirm the chosen values on paper.

Branding at ContentXperience

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