Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the best way to generate relevant leads. With the inbound marketing method that we apply at ContentXperience, we ensure that all your online content is deployed in the best possible manner, enabling you to generate the most specific and successful leads. The strategy that is applied determines the success of your inbound marketing campaigns. What is the objective of an inbound campaign, when is the campaign a success, how do you define your perfect customer, how do you reach this person and what path do they follow prior to making a purchase? ContentXperience helps you to be found more easily online and convert visitors to customers. We aim for an integrated approach using various marketing channels such as e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and content marketing.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software helps support your inbound marketing approach. This software makes it possible to nurture leads in a constant manner, improve your productivity and increase the conversion rate. The choice of which marketing automation system to use depends on your budget and marketing objectives. ContentXperience would like to provide you with advice about the following systems:


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Content strategy

Are we going to blog or vlog? Should we send an email to the customer? Can we trigger the customer with a social media message? Or is this the right time for a white paper or an e-book? You have probably already created a lot of content within your organisation. We listen to your requirements and on the basis of the buyer persona and buyer journey we will assist you in developing your content strategy. We will analyse where you already have suitable content and where you still need more content and conversion opportunities.


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Content creation

Our text and design specialists create the content (copywriting) and appearance (web design, photography, video and animation) of your communication statements. We apply each required expertise when and where necessary. ContentXperience ensures that your story is consistent with regard to both text and image and is suitable for the phase in which the buyer persona is active.


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Campaign site or content platform

Your campaign site or content platform must be functional and user friendly. When your strategy is defined and the content is completed for each phase we ensure, with the help of traffic generation and SEO optimization, that potential customers arrive at the content on your platform. Good design and development subsequently ensures that your buyer persona finds what they are looking for.


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Online marketing and social media

These days an online strategy without the use of social media marketing is almost inconceivable. Along with a good content platform and marketing automation software you need online marketing to generate traffic and therefore leads. Attract visitors to your website using the channels that are most relevant your you. For example, Google Adwords (SEA) and social advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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Lead management

You have attracted the attention of your potential customers with interesting content. But how can you ensure that they are converted to actual customers? There are various lead management tactics available with which you can qualify leads with the objective of converting these leads to new customers. You guide your leads further through the sales pipeline, until they agree to a sales call or discussion or make a purchase. ContentXperience will gladly help you implement the correct lead management approach.


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Marketing analytics

A campaign can be successful, or not, for several reasons. But why are there so few conversions? Or why are people not clicking on the links in your customized e-mails? ContentXperience gathers data from several sources and examines this data using intelligent analysis techniques. You learn more about your campaigns, optimize them and increase the result.


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Structural support

Do you want more than just one-time or single content and are you looking for structural support? Then our MarketingXperience concept will be of interest to you. You work with our team in a structured manner to develop consistent content and a well thought-out content strategy, and optimize your online marketing.


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CX Academy

Would like you know everything about inbound marketing, content strategy or marketing automation? Do you require training in marketing automation or content management? In the CX Academy master classes you can learn about all these aspects and more in the world of inbound and content marketing. From drawing up buyer personas and buyer journeys and the implementation of marketing automation, through to the development of the appropriate content strategy!


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