What is marketing automation?

Using marketing-automation software allows you to continuously nurture leads, improve productivity and increase lead conversion. This is done by offering relevant content through an automated process. As soon as leads are ‘warmed up’ through an inbound marketing campaign and the associated relevant content, they can be converted into actual customers. Various marketing automation solutions are available to facilitate this process.

The three main marketing automation activities

You can distinguish three main activities of marketing automation:


1. Building digital profiles
Which web pages does your prospect view, which e-mails do they find interesting, which events have they registered for? Etc.


2. Setting up relevant campaigns
Send relevant content (information), which is of actual interest to your target group, via automated content flows.


3. Conversion and prioritisation of leads
Pass qualified leads through to sales. Provide other leads with extra relevant content.

The costs of marketing automation

Previously, these marketing automation solutions were only available to large multinationals who could afford these systems. The emergence of more accessible, alternative solutions has resulted in marketing automation now also becoming available to smaller companies.


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Getting started with inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is considered to be the best way for your company to get found and to convert visitors into leads and ultimately into customers. This is not traditional, impersonal marketing, but is about people who visit your site because of the relevant content and information that your offer. Inbound marketing ensures that potential customers want to come into contact with you, because you have the answers to their questions and challenges.

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Marketing automation at ContentXperience

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