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From a marketing point of view, the dynamic IT sector is an extremely interesting business area. However, it appears in practice that marketing departments within IT organisations regularly have difficulty in defining and implementing their marketing strategy. The demand for desirable, personal and valuable content continues to increase. But how can your marketing department take specific actions and add value to your IT company? This is possible by making intelligent use of the correct tools and methods.

Effective content is the key

By deploying various forms of digital marketing, you don’t just target your prospects and customers at random, but you ensure that they receive the right information, in the right way, at the right time. Marketing methods, such as inbound marketing, and tools such as marketing automation software are extremely suitable for the IT branch. With the help of these methods and tools you can deploy your content at the right time. You can anticipate the changing purchasing behaviour, make concrete connection with buyers and roll out a meaningful digital marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing for IT

How can you optimally deploy inbound marketing as an IT company? Firstly the objectives, your buyer persona and the buyer journey have to be examined and specified. This is the basis for every inbound marketing campaign.


This is followed by the phase of qualitative content creation based on the customer requirements and what is appropriate within the various phases of the buyer journey. By providing the customer in each phase of the buyer journey with the right content, you increase the chance that the customer ultimately opts for your solution.


Moreover, with the deployment of a marketing automation tool you automate a large part of the timing process and you provide the customer with a unique end-to-end experience.

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ContentXperience, experts in IT-marketing

ContentXperience has been active as a content and marketing agency for the IT sector for over ten years and therefore understands better than anyone the challenges you face as an IT marketer. Our specialists in copywriting, digital marketing, marketing analytics, (web) design and video marketing know what it takes to create a successful IT marketing campaign.


Successful marketing campaigns for IT companies
We work with a permanent project manager for each customer with whom you can discuss your challenges and the implementation of your campaign. Every day in this way we help various IT customers, to their complete satisfaction, with the development of successful marketing campaigns.

Marketing for IT companies at ContentXperience

We listen to our customers’ requirements and advise them about the best solutions for their organisation.


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