What is a marketing strategy?

Every company has a marketing strategy. Every organisation has a plan about how to approach tomorrow’s market. This is obviously conceived as a consequence of the mission and vision and with a view to the business targets. On this basis, you determine the best way in which marketing can contribute.

The success of strategic campaign marketing

Strategic campaign marketing is the mechanism that allows you to quickly and flexibly anticipate developments in the market by means of sufficient available campaigns. We believe that marketing campaigns are often too ad-hoc. They may be fun and score well, but in the end it is better to opt for a well thought-out, long-term approach. By systematically working on your visibility and strengthening your relationship with (prospective) customers. This is how you ensure a weekly sustainable result as opposed to one fell swoop.


One campaign is not a campaign
Patience is a virtue. This also applies to strategic campaign marketing. The point is that as a marketing team, you must be ready at all times to conduct a campaign in a constructive and affordable manner. No campaign stands on its own. Strategic campaign marketing is therefore based on the principle: one marketing campaign is not a marketing campaign.


Multiple marketing campaigns: more data, more results
The more campaigns you run, the more data you collect. If you monitor the data of all your campaigns in the same way, you gain insight into whether a campaign was successful or not. Using this data, your campaigns can ‘learn’, from each other, which will increase their effectiveness and efficiency.


High visibility, at the right time, at the right place
How can you make sure that your (prospective) customers turn to you when they are looking for a solution to their question or problem? By being constantly visible. Not only through the right channels, but also at the right place and at the right time during the customer process.


The basic elements of strategic campaign marketing

Marketing must contribute to tomorrow and every day that follows. You can do that with strategic campaign marketing. But which elements make marketing strategic? In this blog we immerse you in the concept of ‘strategic campaign marketing’: what it is and how to apply it. 

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Marketing strategy at ContentXperience

At ContentXperience we listen to your wishes, we think along with you about the best approach and strategy, and we advise which marketing campaigns you can use at what time to achieve your objectives. This results in effective and creative projects that our team realizes together with the customer.


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