Power of video and animation

Long texts online are hardly ever read anymore. People are increasingly focused on images. These days consumers expect that content is presented in a pleasant, attractive and accessible manner. How do you bring your content to the attention of the customer? Simple: less text, more images. Videos and animations are absolutely perfect for this, and at ContentXperience your are at the right address to acquire them. We create the video production that best suits your company!

Relevant video content

There are different types of videos that you can use to transmit your message. You can opt for a teaser that awakens the interest of the viewer and is therefore very suitable for awareness campaigns, or for an educational explainer animation that is more suitable for a target group that is further along in the purchasing process. ContentXperience can provide you with all these types of videos. A selection of the possibilities are given below.

Types of videos

There are several variations possible in video and animation products. But which form is most suitable for the story that needs to be told about your company? Here are a number of regularly occurring types of video.


Explainer animation

Do you want to inform your customers about your organisation, products or services in a clear and concise manner? An explainer animation, also known as a motion graphic, informs your customers within just a couple of minutes about what you can do for them.


Video testimonial

A satisfied customer is the best promotional tool that there is. A video testimonial is an excellent video form to record a success story. Interview your customer(s) and let their satisfaction shine through the screen!


Company film

A company film is a wonderful starter for a presentation, a good addition to your website and a beautiful visiting card for your organisation.



A showreel is a short, fast video presentation of your recent work. This allows you to easily demonstrate what your company is capable of by flashing from one assignment to another.



A teaser is a quick film that provides greater awareness in the short term. The teaser is an excellent and powerful form to attract attention. With a striking audio track and stimulating texts, you raise the suspense and create interest within the target group.


Event video

An event video is the perfect way to capture the atmosphere of an event. In this way your visitors can continue to relive the event. You can also use a report of the event to make your audience enthusiastic for a future event.

Draft and script

Draft and storyboard – Possibly the most important phase during the development of a video, is the start-up phase. Before we actually get started with your animation or video we meet with you to analyse and specify your ideas and brainstorm together about the desired outcome. Based on this we make a mood board, in which we share the first draft with you.


Script writing – After the first draft is made, a specific story line will be written. This is also called the script. In most animations the script is ultimately spoken in by a voice-over. ContentXperience has experienced copywriters who can translate your message into an appropriate script.


Do you need help with the development of a script or storyboard? The experts at ContentXperience will be pleased to help you with this. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Photography for magazines, folders, brochures, product portfolios, reference cases or a team page on your website; the possibilities are endless.


Your own photography makes your company and product more personal and more attractive than with the use of stock photos. Photography is often deployed during the development of brochures and websites, but it can also be an excellent marketing tool. Photographs can be quickly distributed (online) and link a positive experience to your brand.

Video & Animation at ContentXperience

We listen to the requirements of our customers and assist them in the use of video and animation for their marketing activities. This results in effective and creative projects that our team creates together with the customer.


Would you like more information or are you curious about what we can do for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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