Why you should connect your corporate and campaign websites

Campaign websites have a limited lifespan. A good corporate website on the other hand is – or should be – built to last for years. Because of this, you might tend to keep them as separated as possible. Yet, there are a lot of advantages to have them ‘talk’ with each other.

Let’s paint this picture: you’ve got both a campaign team and another team that’s mostly focussed on managing the website for your company. During coffee and lunch breaks, the members of those teams catch up with each other: how was your vacation, did you see last night’s football match, oh, and by the way, how’s the new campaign doing? This is normal; it happens all the time. But even though these teams work separately, they probably have interesting information to share with each other. Now, let’s imagine these teams are websites.

The difference between corporate and campaign websites

Corporate websites are used for a variety of content and serve different purposes as well. These sites include product pages, an ‘about us’ of course, job vacancies, a company blog, et cetera. There’s also a web shop or you can subscribe to a newsletter or service. These are conversions you want to measure, of course. You don’t just want to know if your campaigns are doing well, but also if your corporate website is a lead magnet as well. (And of course, you want to calculate the ROI on this business website.)

In other situations, you want to spotlight specific products or services, or launch campaigns with a limited duration. In these cases, a campaign website does the trick. This kind of site is very streamlined in order to generate as much conversions as possible. Its characteristics: not too much information, not too much pages, CTA buttons that grab your lead’s attention. A campaign website is not a jack-of-all-trades, but a specialist who always has their eyes on the prize.

Improve lead follow-up through data exchange

At first sight your corporate and campaign websites don’t have much in common. Yet, if you integrate them in the same data platform, this can lead to interesting insights. For example, it might turn out that visitors of your campaign website also check your corporate website. This indicates an interest in your services, which makes these visitors into interesting leads. It’s also possible your corporate website has gathered data about a certain prospect. When they sign up for downloadable content on your campaign website, you can target them in a more specific way. To easily get insights in these opportunities, you’ll have to connect the data streams of these websites and integrate them into one data dashboard.

The same goes for your communication channels, like social media and e-mail tools. You both have to be able easily to separate their data streams, but at the same ease, you have to be able to compare them. Of course rather not manually, because that can be a real bother. You just want to see at once if your campaign websites are real conversion magnets. Or maybe you’ll find out the corporate website is taking the lead. Such insights help you to correct your course where needed, and make informed decisions about your new direction. It’s like your merging your teams for your corporate and campaign websites.

Choose the right data platform

It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s easier to integrate your campaign and corporate websites into the same data platform. It’s crucial you can make a clear separation between those data as well. You have to be able to break down results and zoom in when you want to. But hey, why would you use a data platform that doesn’t have these features?

That’s why we developed IKUU Dataplatform, that provides its users with accessible and clear data insights. But to be honest, we thought that wouldn’t be the complete package yet. This is because we also felt the need to build websites that are connected to the data platform and marketing automation: IKUU Pages. Another big advantage: this way we can build your site(s) in just four week – this fast, it’s extraordinary. Because of this, our solutions are very flexible and scalable.

Do you want a corporate website, a campaign website, or both? Feel free to contact us.

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