What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of online and offline communication methods that are interesting for your intended audience. Consider, for example, blogs, e-books, white papers, e-mailings, social media messages, photos and videos. When producing these materials the emphasis is not on what you want to tell the customer, but on what your customer would like to know. In this way, you provide your target group with content that they find relevant and interesting, at the right time and via the appropriate communication channel.

Relevant content for your target group

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to attract attention. The vast amount of information that is presented to everybody every day, results in the receiver actually absorbing less and less information. Think about it: how much can you still accurately remember from the last time you scrolled through your LinkedIn timeline? It is therefore even more important in this attention economy that your content perfectly matches the requirements of your target group.


Describe your most important customer groups
In order to write content that is of sufficient interest for your target group, it is important that you acquire in-depth knowledge about your target group(s). This is the only way to discover and understand their interests and concerns. So, answer the following questions: which information do they like? What form of content do they most like to consume? Via which media do they read this content and how do they themselves search for content? To get a clear picture about these question, carry out a buyer persona analysis and draw up a buyer persona. This is an extensive description of your most important customers and customer groups.


The basics for an effective content marketing campaign?

Content marketing works. It is a proven effective method to create awareness, inform your target audience and generate leads. But you don’t just become a trusted advisor, you need a good plan for that. In this blog you can read more about what you should pay attention to if you want to be successful.

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