The basics for an effective content marketing campaign?

Content marketing works. It is a proven effective method to create awareness, inform your target audience and generate leads. But you don’t just become a trusted advisor, you need a good plan for that. In this blog you can read more about what you should pay attention to if you want to be successful.

Good content marketing is based on good content. It is important not to push your brand, but to bring information that your target audience is really interested in. Preferably you come up with a recognizable challenge and you contribute the solution.

Start with why?

But before you start, it is good to ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve. Why are you running this campaign? Do you want more brand awareness, more traffic to your website, more leads? Without a good plan, a campaign can fail, which is of course a waste of your marketing budget.

Know your target audience

It is also important to know your target group. To tailor your message to it, as effectively as possible, you need to be able to describe it very specifically. Preferably as one person: the buyer persona. You can research this, as well as all the steps that this applied copper takes before taking action. This way you can operate it in a targeted manner in every phase and address it with the right tone of voice. By incorporating frequently used search terms into your text (SEO optimization) you ensure that your content is easy to find.

Create a content platform

What should not be missing is a platform on which you collect and offer content. Think carefully about which information you offer for free and which information to download. With an interesting e-book of reference story, you tempt readers to leave contact details.

You can boost traffic to your platform by sending an e-mail, by using social media and by advertising.

Work on lasting relationships

Once attention has been drawn, people sometimes forget to hold it. By keeping in touch, you turn leads into enthusiastic fans and long-term relationships are created. By regularly refreshing your platform with new videos, animations, blogs and white papers, visitors have reason to come back again.

Measuring is knowing

With good content planning you keep the flow going. By using analytics, you can continuously monitor how your content scores and whether your campaign needs to be adjusted. Incidentally, the Content Marketing Institute indicates that successful campaigns are often also in the sense of ROI, you should always put the suitability of the target group first. In this way you remain relevant and credible and you build a long-term relationship. CMI’s advice: “Get away from the idea that investing in content marketing is only worth it if it leads and creates business opportunities. See it mainly as a method to amaze your target group. ”


Do you want to create a step-by-step plan for creating your content marketing campaign? Want to know exactly when your content must meet, which content you use when and through which media you can ensure the traffic of concrete leads? Feel free to contact us.

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