Why outsource your content and marketing activities?

More and more companies are having their non-core business activities handled externally, a concept also known as ‘outsourcing’. Consider the outsourcing of payroll, ICT functions or HR activities. Outsourcing is done by companies to improve the quality of such activities, make their core business more efficient and to save on internal costs. If payroll and HR activities can be outsourced, why not your content and marketing activities as well?

Outsourcing means that certain activities are no longer carried out within the organization, but are entrusted to an external party that has expertise in that area. A full-service marketing agency can therefore take care of all marketing tasks for a company: from online marketing campaigns and individual text productions, to content creation and cross-media design. Outsourcing these content marketing activities also has many advantages.

Benefits of outsourcing content marketing and other marketing activities

The expertise and experience of the content and marketing agency improves the quality of the content and marketing activities. For most organizations, content creation and online marketing is not a core competence; the marketing department within the company – if it already exists – therefore often lacks the experience and sharpness to occupy a highly distinctive position. Moreover, an external party has a fresh view of a company. That external perspective provides innovative ideas.

Outsourcing content creation and online marketing activities is also cost effective. Working together with an external party saves on the costs of hiring and training personnel, employee insurance and furnishing the workplace. The salary is only a fraction of the total cost. Why go through an application process, onboard and train someone when the expertise is available outside your organization?

A content and marketing agency can develop and roll out a campaign quickly and efficiently thanks to its knowledge and experience. The agency has all disciplines under one roof and has lines with, for example, printing companies, translation agencies and photographers. This makes it clear and easy for a company, because they only have to work together with one external party. The staff and management can rely on the expertise of the marketing agency and are not burdened. They can deal with their core tasks.

Besides the fact that outsourcing marketing functions is more profitable for many companies, the quality of the activities also improves. The short line with only one external party also ensures a more efficient and clearer way of working. Perhaps it is therefore wise to leave this expertise to the specialist.

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