Relevant content

You know what your message is, who your target group is and what your information can help them with. But, how can you produce relevant and creative content? All content that you write or produce, must match the search behaviour of your target group, to eventually convert them to prospects and customers. By distributing this content in the right manner, via several channels, you take the first steps towards online success.

Content plan

Good content, which is deployed correctly, is always preceded by a good content plan. Which content does your target group want to see, which resources are you going to deploy, how can you effectively convey this content and what do you ultimately want to accomplish? A content plan helps you achieve your objective.


A platform for your content
As soon as you know what you want to accomplish and with whom you want to accomplish it, you can determine what you need to achieve this objective. First of all you will need a platform on which you can collect (relevant) information and content. This content will enable you to position yourself as a knowledge partner in your professional field and help the reader with their question or problem. A landing page or mini-website is extremely suitable for this purpose. With the help of keywords, SEO optimization and good, relevant content you can ensure that the right target group arrives on your content platform. 


Would you like a step-by-step plan for the creation of your content-marketing campaign? Know precisely which requirements your content must satisfy, which content to deploy at which time and which media will ensure traffic or concrete leads? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 


Companies are increasingly creating online content. Apart from the fact that it makes the organisation easier to find, it also creates involvement for the target group. However, in practice, it appears that writing content is often more difficult than people expected it to be. There is an idea, but a great deal more is required to write really good content.


The content with which you approach your target group, is tremendously important. The success of your campaign depends on the power of the text to trigger readers and eventually convert them to leads. Whether it concerns e-books, blogs, white papers, infographics or scripts, good copywriters are required to produce powerful content. 


Copywriting is a specialist activity that we engage in everyday at ContentXperience. Would you like advice with regard to copywriting or about content marketing in general, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Cross-media design

When developing content, appropriate texts are extremely important to convey a message, and the manner in which these texts are presented is just as importent. The design of your content must be visually pleasing, but must also be suitable for the tone of voice and support your message. We design all your communication materials and ensure that they are perfectly compatible with your message and house style.


House style – The correct design of your house style inspires confidence with customers and prospects, both in your company as well as in your products and services. A good house style creates more name recognition and improves your image. ContentXperience considers the design of your house style as an important part of the marketing and communication strategy. Would like you us to examine your house style? We are always available to provide advice with no obligation.


Web Design – Does your website need a new look or would you like a completely new website? ContentXperience first analyses your requirements and objectives and subsequently provides an appropriate web design.


Magazines – From editing, acquisition and database management to design, DTP, printing, prepost processing and distribution. Developing a magazine is a formidable task. ContentXperience has the expertise in house for all these processes, so that we can take care of the complete project for your (company) magazine.


Printed media – Although everyone increasingly communicates via online and social media, printed communication instruments (brochures, folders, flyers, invitations, etc.) are still very important to inform customers and prospects and interest them in your company and services. Every day we design various brochures, invitations, fact sheets, reference cases and several other forms of printed media.

The content mix

Our entire team works every day on various forms of content. Content with which we attempt to reach various target groups at the right place and at the right time. A selection of our content mix: 


Blogs – Are you in search of a showcase for your company? A blog scores high in search engines, attracts customers and you demonstrate that you are an authority in your professional field.


White papers – A white paper discusses the material in more depth. White papers are a good means to generate leads. After reading the white paper, the reader will know that you have the knowledge and expertise in house for the challenge that they are faced with.


E-books – An e-book helps you to build a relationship with existing leads. An e-book deals with a specific theme. It proves that you know what you are talking about and that you are a reliable party.


Infographics – An infographic is an informative image that presents information concisely and attractively, so that the reader can easily and quickly absorb the information.


Press releases – A press release is appropriate when you want to make an announcement. For example, for the opening of a new branch or other important news that concerns your company.


Newsletters – Digital newsletters provide good and valuable information about your company, products and services.


Business cases – The experience and satisfaction of customers is an important indicator. A good customer case sells itself. You reach new customers most effectively via (reference) business cases.


Web texts – Writing web texts is not just a matter of stringing a few words together. It’s all about the right words, the right tone, engaging visitors. Good web texts are concise, legible and contain good SEO keywords.


Are you looking for talented copywriters, editors or proofreaders for your website, digital newsletters, white papers or e-books? We will be happy to provide our copywriting expertise for your organisation. Our experienced copywriters stimulate the interests of your target group with creative perspectives and of course a skilful pen. Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Content creation at ContentXperience

We listen to our customers’ requirements, help them develop content for their marketing activities and advise them on where and how the content can be most effectively applied. This results in effective and creative projects that our team creates together with the customer.


Would you like more information or are you curious about what we can do for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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