What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a form of pull-marketing, whereby you gain the interest of potential customers by offering interesting information at the right time. Customers are no longer expecting to receiver cold calls, intrusive advertisements and screaming e-mails. They prefer to search for information themselves. With the right keywords, blogs and message you are traceable online when the customer is ready to contact you. With inbound marketing you ensure that customers want to come into contact with you, because you offer the answers and solutions to the questions and challenges that they experience.

The inbound marketing method

Attracting visitors
Buyer personas help with the creation of valuable content. This enables you to answer the questions that potential customers have during the various phases of the purchasing process.

Converting into leads

With the relevant content you try to make sure that visitors leave their details behind. This results in the collection of a qualitative lead.

Closing the deal

Support sales in closing deals by designing processes that are in line with the objectives and challenges of your future customer.

The customer as an ambassador for your brand

The ultimate objective is a long-term relationship with a customer that is not only happy with your product, but also serves as an ambassador for your company.

Implementation of inbound marketing

At ContentXperience we implement inbound marketing by giving attention to:

Buyer Persona
– we produce an extensive description of your most important customer (groups) by means of a buyer persona analysis. This helps us clarify which information (future) customers need during the various phases of the buyer journey.

Buyer Journey
– you can describe a buyer journey on the basis of the results of the buyer persona analysis. This is the active process that a potential customer runs through prior to the actual purchase. We distinguish three phases: awareness, consideration and decision.

Content Marketing
– producing, offering and distributing content that matches the needs of the buyer persona, depending on the phase in the buyer journey.

Marketing Automation
– the set of automated (online) tools that you use to present the content to the buyer persona.

Online Marketing
– generate visitors (traffic) to your website, for example, by applying SEO and SEA techniques.

Reports and marketing analytics
– measuring instruments with which you can generate data, and that enables you to determine when the buyer persona is ‘sales-ready’, the result of the application of content and where you can improve and optimize the campaign.

The right approach for your inbound marketing strategy

Follow the steps in our inbound marketing process

Inbound marketing is the best way to attract and convert visitors into leads and ultimately into customers. Not traditional, cold and impersonal marketing, but on the contrary leads that actually search for you because of the relevant content that you offer. But how do you get started with inbound marketing? Choose the proven and integrated approach of ContentXperience!

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Inbound marketing at ContentXperience

We listen to our customers’ requirements, assist in developing their inbound marketing strategy and advise them about which marketing campaigns they can run at which time. This results in effective and creative projects that our team creates together with the customer.


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